Print Management in Cleveland, OH

Typically, printing is the third highest office expense for businesses.  Let us monitor your print budget, reduce excessive color printing, and eliminate the need to purchase additional printers. Trust Applied Laser Technologies when you need assistance with print management in Cleveland. Our main goal is to help all of our clients save money on print output by optimizing where you are overspending. We are proud to help other businesses save money with our eco-friendly solutions.

With our help, you can streamline your operations and reduce your costs.

We will help you deal with common office challenges including:

  • Low-Cost Visibility
  • Limited Cost Containment
  • Redundant Output Devices
  • Expensive Print Consumable Inventory
  • Multiple Suppliers = Multiple Invoices
  • Downtime Due to a Broken Printer
  • Paper & Toner Waste

Because we specialize in managed print services and document solutions. Below are some staggering stats & facts.

  • 1-3% of corporation revenues are spent on document output
  • 90% of companies don't know what they are spending on print
  • 37-41% of printers avoid formal procurement approval
  • Up to 50% of calls are printer related
  • Ratio prints to copies is now 4:1
  • 60-80% of print cartridges are not recycled
  • 15 million pages are printed every 5 minutes in the USA

Waste Not, Want Not

The typical office employee prints approximately 34 pages a day. However, 17% of that is never used. That's a lot of waste and a lot of expense! Not only does it waste paper, but it affects your budget. Environmental sustainability is important to us. Did you know?

  • The typical office laser printer creates 100 lbs. of waste each year
  • 60-80% of used print cartridges go directly to landfill


We understand that your business is not the same as your competitors. You do things differently. That's why we take the time to customize our services to meet your needs. We measure and monitor the output of your printer, and then we develop a solution that makes the most efficient use of your resources. Not only are we focused on cost-cutting solutions, but environmental sustainability. After we determine your needs, we install document management software and hardware to monitor your spending and consumption. This ensures the least amount of waste and virtually no downtime for you. After we optimize your printing operations, you'll see the savings immediately. Below reflects the top 10 benefits of managed print services:

  • Save 10- 40%
  • Automated cost visibility
  • Expense control & containment
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Less invoices
  • Less strain on IT
  • Improved security & compliance
  • Go Green
  • End user satisfaction & productivity
  • No capital expenditure


Turn to Applied Laser Technologies when you want to reduce the amount of money you are spending on printing. We also offer document management solutions in Cleveland to increase productivity. Contact us right now to discover how our print management solutions in Cleveland can get your business back on track and stop overspending.