About Us

Applied Laser Technologies (ALT), an award-winning leader in eco-friendly print management and optimization solutions, has been helping clients manage expenses and increase productivity since opening its doors in 1989. ALT helps clients develop cost-saving strategies that minimize and control document costs, while maximizing current assets and workflow.

The ALT Advantage

ALT is your unbiased, single source provider for printer, copier, scanner, multifunction and fax systems, onsite service, and supplies, including both OEM and compatible toner cartridges. We take pride in being your independent dealer and advisor so that you get the best product at the best price for your company's needs.

While most of our competitors are driven to sell equipment and are biased by their specific brand, our main concern is to understand your business needs. First, we start with how we can optimize your existing assets. Instead of selling you the most expensive equipment we can convince you to purchase, we only recommend the products you need.

ALT has established calculated partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that all of our customers receive the best products, supplies, and services regardless of the size, industry, or budget. Listed below are some of the manufacturers we work with to give our customers the variety they need.

Our consulting process allows us to identify areas in which you can harness new technology to increase productivity while reducing costs. We'll even help you determine your true cost of document production by performing our "Quick View" assessment.

Based on our "Quick View" assessment, we will provide an ALTernative to your current workflows.

After implementing our solution, we will ensure you see results that will meet or exceed your expectations. During regularly scheduled account reviews we will identify any areas where your business needs may have changed or technology advancements will be beneficial.

The ALTimate Guarantee
No one works harder than Applied Laser Technologies-from ordering to delivery to servicing-to simplify and take the worry out of your document needs. We know you cannot afford to be without a working device or supplies, so when the device needs repairs or supplies, time is critical. Listed below reflects our commitment to keeping your office up and running.

The ALTimate Equipment Guarantee

  • Four-Hour Service Response - If response time exceeds four hours, next invoice is no charge up to $500.00.
  • Performance Guarantee - If a device's up-time is less than 80% in any given month, ALT will replace the machine with the same or equivalent model.
  • Free Loaner - A free loaner is provided if the machine cannot be repaired at customer's location.
  • Technology Advancement - Lease or purchase upgrades with no penalty.

The ALTimate Supply Guarantee
ALT cartridges have a 100% money back guarantee. If you experience any problem or are not completely satisfied with the performance of an ALT cartridge we will:

  • Resolve the Problem
  • Replace the Cartridge
  • Refund your Money

The ALTimate Offering
ALT cartridges have a 100% money back guarantee that lasts for the life of the cartridge. If you experience any problem or are not completely satisfied with the performance of an ALT cartridge, we will:

  • FREE Annual Printer Cleaning
  • FREE Printer Service (If No Parts Are Needed)
  • FREE Customized Online Ordering
  • FREE Site/Asset Survey (Make Sure Optimal Equipment Is Deployed)

Contact us today when you are searching for a company to assist you with printing services in Cleveland.