Document Management Software

Streamline your data by turning to Applied Laser Technologies for document management solutions in Cleveland, OH. With this service, we will provide you with management software that allows you to increase workflow and productivity while minimizing the paperwork floating around the office. Our team offers the software, hardware, and training, your business needs to manage your documents.

Why not convert your paper documents into a digital format? It's an excellent way to help you save time, save money on copies, and save paper. According to current statistics, the average document gets copied nearly 20 times. By providing document indexing with open database connectivity, you give your employees access to the relevant material without a hard copy document. In addition, you reduce paper waste.

The Importance of Secure Document Sharing

During the course of one work day, paper documents change hands countless times. Not only does this increase the risk for sensitive information to be seen by unauthorized personnel, but you are also spending funds on unnecessary printing. Keep your documents private by turning to the team at ALT for secure document sharing solutions. We will provide your business with easy-to-use scanning, filing, and search solutions to make your office more productive. Trust us for all of your printing services in Cleveland too.

Why You Need Document Management

Protect your documentation while enjoying an effective, safe, and simple way to distribute information around the office or across the world. Did you know that companies spend approximately $20 to file one document? That includes paper, toner, printing, and employee time. Don't waste. Be wise by relying on us for document and print management solutions. Some of the benefits of using our company for document management include:

  • Eliminate Loss & Misfiled Documents
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Enable Secure Document Access from Different Locations
  • Increase Workflow Productivity
  • Provide Instant Document Access for Customers
  • Access Documents from Web-Based Interface
  • Save on Fax Expenses by Scanning Your Documents

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