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Are You Maintaining Your Copier Correctly?

Cleveland CopiersIn the office, countless items need to be maintained to keep the productivity up. Most people automatically think about the printer, but you shouldn’t forget about the copiers.

Replace Toner

Swapping the toner in the printer is easier to remember because you probably use it more and receive reminders on your computer. Replacing the toner in your copier is just as important because when you are making copies, you want the same quality from the copier.

Use Quality Paper

Nobody likes dealing with a paper jam, but did you know the paper jams could be caused by the type of paper you are using? Some types of paper are more likely to get stuck and crinkle easier than others. Another thing to remember when it comes to paper for your copier, is that you should never overfill the paper tray.

Cleaned by a Professional

Of course, you can remove the dust from easy-to-reach places, but you should leave the internal cleaning to the professionals because you do not want to break pieces while attempting to clean.

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