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How to Keep Your Printer Working Properly

Whether it is the main office printer or your printer at home, you need to understand how to maintain it properly to keep your printer running correctly. Discover some helpful printer maintenance tips below.

Paper Jams- Everyone understands the frustration when you are printing something in a hurry and the paper jams inside of the printer. To reduce your chances of this, you should never overfill the paper tray and make sure the paper is placed in the proper position. Otherwise, you could experience paper jams often. You should also reference your printer manual to discover the best way to handle a printer jam for your specific printer.

Regular Cleanings- Keeping your printer clean will help reduce the chance of dust or other debris from getting inside. Many offices keep printers covered when they are not being used. You can get annual, complimentaryPrinter Repair Service Cleveland cleaning of your printers and copiers when you purchase and use compatible cartridges from ALT.

Don’t Risk Running Out of Toner – Keep a backup cartridge on hand. Better yet, become a part of one of ALT’s monitoring programs and let us take the worry out of keeping supplies in stock. Contact an ALT representative to find out more.

Following these tips listed above can help you maintain your printer and avoid any unwanted services. However, printers can be unpredictable and if you find yourself needing printer repair services in Cleveland or Columbus, OH, you can call Applied Laser Technologies at (216) 663-8181 for assistance.

3 Ways to Save on Toner

In an office or business setting, you are always looking for ways to cut costs to improve the bottom line for your business. One way you can do this and notice a difference in your budget is to address how much money you are spending on toner for the printers in your business. Many businesses overspend when it comes to toner and Applied Laser Technologies wants to help you reduce your costs. Take a look at some helpful tips below that will help you save some money.Toner Cartridge Cleveland

Only Print the Necessities- Cutting back on the items you are printing is one way to conserve the toner you already have and will reduce how often you need to purchase new toner cartridges.

Double Check the Items Before Printing- Rechecking documents before printing will allow you to catch anything that is spelled wrong or any other errors. By doing this, you are decreasing the chances of having to reprint something because of a mistake.

Choose the Right Toner Cartridge for Your Printer- Buying the right type of toner cartridge in Cleveland or Columbus, OH, can seem stressful because there are many choices. Our team at Applied Laser Technologies is here to assist you because if you are buying the wrong type of toner cartridge, it can affect your printing abilities.

Call us at (216) 663-8181 for more ways to save on toner.